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Hello to my readers…I will continue my experience with ghosts piece in my next blog (my trip to Paris….) but as I’m writing it, I thought you might enjoy this poeam I wrote a few years after France when I was painting in Italy…it also deals with eternal energy…best-evelyn grace earl geer
                A Short Fairy Tale Poem about an Object
                           by Evelyn Grace Earl Geer
I walk along the shore in Portofino, ndown below the hotel.
The green sea’s sparkle beckons me to wander.
My paints and my brushes are my only companions.
That and the light of day and a whisper from the salty air upon my cheek.
“Walk,” was what the whisper, whispered.
You tumble in the sea foam. I run to catch you., A little, thorny object.
Specific to Italy? A seed? A shell?
A life lesson that, out of the blue, something new and provocative, beckoning the artist in me, to find the answer…and celebrate your being.
Here’s an ode to you:
You offer a dichotpmy of sensation.
You are smooth, but your thorny layer pricks when pressed to my flesh. 
A rose’s seedling? You offer the promise of pleasure and pain.
The life form that you held is gone.
You are hollow and you are spent.
Oh, blackened seedling, what good are you now?
Quest que c’est, here upon this rainy day?
What life form did you covet?
Where has it gone?
Reaching yet another dawn, but never again here.
What good are you now,oh hollow one, who can never again feel the warmth of the sun? Evocative. Subject of my poem. A mysterious object.
Silent. But in your silence, you speak a language you have always known. It’s in our DNA code. Atoms of energy…e equals emc squared. The theory of relativity..,none of us our lost in time…we can reunite in the circular, eternal equation of the life force from where we came and where we go. E plus MC squared. Ever constant, ever changing nature, never destroyed. Made new. Part of creation, as it dances its eternal dance.
I toss you back into the green, salty, cool and cleansing sea and I jump in and swim, like a fish, wild and forever free.

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