The Ghosts

 Dec. 3, 2009
The Mystery of the Missing Mini-Skirt
                         by Evelyn Grace Earl Geer
Christmas angels dressed in gowns grace the pink tiled Victorian fireplace here at the Old Stagecoach Inn. The elegant present inspires me to hold on to my dreams.
I’m going to find a car to day. The angels seem to express in their seemingly timeless presence a thought for the day…”When there is a will, there is a way.”
Life creates itself in a circular motif. Seven years ago, I was feature writing for a local newspaper. I visited the innkeeper’s Jack Barwick and his son John here at the inn, seeking information for a piece I was writing on the original owner of the inn, a Ms. Nettie Spencer (she never married). It was her mansion during the 1800’s.
Nettie was a well known wealthy socialite. Now interred in a mausoleum, in the Hope Cemetary, visible from the living room window at the Inn, she was for a time the lively eccentric devil-may-care. Still is they say.
She lived to be 101. Besides her mansion on South Main Street in Waterbury, Vermont, she had an apartment in Paris. She had a lover and a lovely daughter by him.  
She was chauffeured in town cars through the United States and Europe. An eccentric woman who had the world on a string.
The story goes that Nettie Spencer’s spirit lives on,  here at the Inn, along with a ghost of a man, who has been seen as vision donning a black top hat and black coat. Her lover? Nettie’s a naughty ghost. A prankster of sorts.  The maid told me that many times after a room is freshened and the bed is made, when no one is looking things become undone.
I have recently become one of the believers in the ghost of Nettie Spencer. Upon coming back to the Inn, all these years later, Jake and I were guests in the bedroom that had belonged to Ms. Nettie.
I wondered, would I see her? Would she pull a prank on me? Positively! Two days into our stay, Jake and I were given a suite to inhabit. I was packing my things. Due to my house burning down, my wardrobe is limited to a pair of black velvet slacks, and a black mini-skirt, I wear with leggings. What to wear? What to wear? The skirt. It was hanging in the wardrobe a moment ago, but it’s gone. I unpack and repack. Look under the bed and in the bureau drawers. No sign of my skirt. Then Nettie comes to mind…this type of behavior is right up her mischievous alley! I could almost hear that ghostly  rascal giggling in the corner of her bedroom.
Stay tuned for more on the mystery of the missing mini-skirt as well as an introduction to another colorful character here at the Inn. Sophie, the exotically beautiful African Grey Parrot and a piece describing her brilliant  personality. She’s quite the entertainer. I’d love to be able to take her along on the road trip. She even barks like a dog, imitating Jack’s dachshund, Max, no doubt 
Wish me luck finding a car. Guess I’ll buy a scratch ticket. Miracles do happen and so do ghosts…Hey Nettie, got any old cash you want to bequeath a starving writer/artist?

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