To make use of your tools that are favorite solutions, it is possible to link Previo along with systems given just below.

To make use of your tools that are favorite solutions, it is possible to link Previo along with systems given just below.

Connection and integration with other systems. Advanced POHODA accounting computer software works together with both little and big businesses and permits tax and accounting records become compensated to both VAT payers and non-payers.

Money S3 software provides you with all you need for the accounting.

UOL can be an accounting workplace combining accounting and modern tools, launched in 2004, has 1500+ customers and 19 branches into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Because of our partnership it is possible to move information through the Previo to the records with one simply click.

Cashier system baked straight for gastro. Speed up traffic, enhance revenue and now have anything from having to pay to stock.

Septim deals with Windows and Linux and is optimized for touch screens. Septim works in both the mode that is on-line in the off-line mode, which works primarily in big operations. The staff that is operating because of the Cashier application, aided by the supervisor application primarily using the center supervisor / owner.

Other functions: customer cards, detailed reports, price / benefit monitoring for specific items and dishes, individual authorization, warehouse administration.

The Awis cashier system would work for several kinds of restaurants. It includes a lot of interesting features such as for example a table that is clear, warehouse administration, circulation system, worker documents and much more.

Other functions: notification of which dining dining dining table will not be bought for a number of years, bulk account marking, individual catering, export to Pohoda and Flexibee.

We provide a complete sw solution of restaurant operations. The system that is whole modular. It is feasible to put in just a few of its elements, or even to place the system into procedure 1 by 1.

Lupanet is a system that provides 3 products that are basic cashier system, storage space and catering system. POS NET check out is a contemporary brand new generation money register that is effortlessly interconnected aided by the Previo reception system. The idea of the module is built to have the ability to manage warehouse administration for starters restaurant and for band of chains.

Other functions: recipe system, automated subtraction from stock, maintaining stock documents, analysis of total product sales, analysis of accomplished economic results.

Agnis Restaurant System is made for effortless orientation in your restaurant. The gastronomy module includes simple and easy operation that is clear a dining table and seats plan, a mobile waiter or an extensive and detail by detail evaluation of product sales, profitability, VAT or marketability of specific meals.

Other functions: waiter change assessment, mobile waiter, commitment program, e-meal vouchers, transfer to resort Previa account, dining dining table booking.

Alto Praha is fantastic for little and medium-sized establishments. Each client can construct a restaurant system from a few modules to generally meet their needs. The fundamental module could be the check out, which will be often made up of a free account printer, a news audience and a mobile waiter.

Other functions: table map, transfers between tables, re payment types, space / resort account loading, main warehouse, supervisor, cost list, macro user interface.

The Papaya cloud restaurant system is an intuitive system that works also without an web connection. With the aid of a mobile waiter you may speed the process up of buying, having to pay while increasing the coziness of one’s clients.

Other functions: possibility to maneuver products between reports, warehouse administration, recipe creation, report displaying, easy reference to Previo, closing of accounts.

With Darwin’s touch-screen restaurant system, you may appreciate the utilization of stock documents, better track costs and therefore efficiently provide you with the restaurant. Effortlessly put up meals to compile a menu easily or meal menu.

Other functions: VIP account, discounts and transfers between records, foreign exchange re re payment, “happy hour”, deadlines, mobile waiter, client cards.

Syscon’s restaurant system, F-max winnings includes manager and money register modules that will help you handle your restaurant seamlessly. The money register permits starting a merchant account straight to the client’s name or determining more workspaces. Module supervisor is employed for work with warehouses of specific facilities.

Other functions: monitoring movements on specific stock cards, recipe calculation, producing and handling product sales rates, overviews.

Modular compact system that prints purchase bells towards the kitchen area, club as well as other components of the restaurant (grill). The machine also provides a clear map of tables with available records or an instrument for “happy hour” occasions.

Other functions: fast termination of products, client reports, parking of available records, establishing permissions for users, accelerating make use of day-to-day provides.

Check out system ideal for restaurants, little cafes, high-capacity dining rooms, retail and services. A trusted and intuitive system with a tradition of greater than 15 years. Practical on all platforms that are commonWindows, Linux, Android, Apple). Clear financial outputs for example or even more outlets, simple recipe and stock card creation.

Other functions: Cloud-independent host solution, real-time access that is remote on-line / off-line operation, loyalty programs, consumer cards, personal catering, vouchers, occasion automation and discounts.

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